MOT Info

An MOT test is a legal requirement to ensure that your car is roadworthy. Most vehicles must be tested either before the third anniversary of its registration, or within a year of its previous test if it is more than three years old. MOTs can only be provided by approved test centres such as those found on this website. All approved centres must display the approved MOT sign (blue with three white triangles) and the 'MOT Test: Fees and Appeals' poster somewhere on their premises. If your vehicle passes the test, then an MOT certificate will be issued valid until one year from the test date. If it fails, then you can still drive your vehicle providing that its existing MOT certificate is still valid and the vehicle could not be considered dangerous to drive. If your vehicle fails the test and its existing certificate has expired, then it can only be driven to a location where its current defects are going to be repaired, or to another MOT test.


Under some circumstances your vehicle may qualify for a full or partial retest at a free or reduced fee. This is the case if:
  • The vehicle is left at the test centre for repair and is retested again inside ten working days.
  • The vehicle is returned to the test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest on one of the following items only:
    • access panels
    • battery
    • bonnet
    • bootlid
    • brake pedal antislip
    • break glass hammer (Class 5 vehicles only)
    • doors (including hinges, catches and pillars)
    • door open warning device (Class 5 vehicles only)
    • dropsides
    • electrical wiring
    • emergency exits and signs (Class 5 vehicles only)
    • entrance door remote control (Class 5 vehicles only)
    • entrance/exit steps (Class 5 vehicles only)
    • fuel filler cap
    • headlamp cleaning or levelling devices (that doesn’t need a headlamp aim check)
    • horn
    • lamps (excluding headlamp aim)
    • loading door
    • main beam ‘tell-tale’
    • mirrors
    • rear reflectors
    • registration plates
    • seatbelts (but not anchorages)
    • seatbelt load limiter
    • seatbelt pre-tensioner
    • seats
    • sharp edges or projections
    • stairs (Class 5 vehicles only)
    • steering wheel
    • tailboard
    • tailgate
    • trailer electrical sockets
    • towbars (excluding body around anchorage points)
    • tyre pressure monitoring system
    • vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • windscreen and glass
    • windscreen wipers
    • windscreen washers
    • wheels and tyres (excluding motorbikes and motorbikes with sidecar)
  • The vehicle is removed from the test centre for repair and is returned for a partial retest within ten working days.

MOT Test Fees

The maximum fee which can be charged by MOT centres for an MOT depends on the class of vehicle being tested. The maximum fees for each vehicle class are shown in the table below:

Class Vehicle type Age first MOT needed (years) MOT test fee
1 Motorbike (engine size up to 200 cm3) 3 £29.65
1 Motorbike with sidecar (engine size up to 200 cm3) 3 £37.80
2 Motorbike (engine size over 200 cm3) 3 £29.65
2 Motorbike with sidecar (engine size over 200 cm3) 3 £37.80
3 3-wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) 3 £37.80
4 3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) 3 £54.85
4 Cars (up to 8 passenger seats) 3 £54.85
4 Motor caravans 3 £54.85
4 Quads (max unladen weight 400kg - for goods vehicles 550kg and max net power of 15kw) 3 £54.85
4 Dual purpose vehicles 3 £54.85
4 Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats) 3 £54.85
4 Ambulances and taxis 1 £54.85
4 Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9 to 12 passenger seats) 1 £57.30
4 Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg design gross weight) 3 £54.85
4a Class 4 vehicles (9 to 12 passenger seats) with a seat belt installation check n/a £64
5 Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13 to 16 passenger seats) 1 £59.55
5 Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (more than 16 passenger seats) 1 £80.65
5 Playbuses 1 £80.65
5a Class 5 vehicles (13 to 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check n/a £80.50
5a Class 5 vehicles (more than 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check n/a £124.50
7 Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight) 3 £58.60